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Secular Buddhism / Thoughts about Secular Buddhism Discussion
« Last post by Chaz on September 01, 2020, 10:06:41 PM »
I can say that Secular Buddhist practice is a "tradition" at least in the strict sense.   Another generation of practice is needed if you ask me.

That said .....

Secular Buddhism discussions tend to get a little heated.  This seems to happen most often where the discussion involves comparison/contrast language.  So, how about we discuss secular practice on it's own merits and leave other traditions out of it?
Danger Zone / A few notes about the Danger Zone
« Last post by Chaz on September 01, 2020, 04:03:45 PM »
Ok, I get it.  I like a vigorous discussion of controversial issues as much as the next guy or gal.

And yes, this is FREE Sangha.

Free, in this context, doesn't mean complete, and unbridled freedom to post whatever you want and that also applies to the "DZ".  Some controversial topics are, well, just too controversial for the kind of dicussion we want see.

A few rules of thumb to consider.

Political topics, especially US politics, might be best served elsewhere.

Diet discussions, especially vegetarianism, always seem to go south within a few posts.  Such subjects will be monitored closely and locked/deleted as deemed necessary.

Scandals should be treated gently.  Let's discuss them like the reasonable adults we hopefully are.

Issues such as the Dorje Shugden controversy, the 2 Karmapas and so on should be discussed in a measured manner.  Not everyone is a Kagyu or enthralled by the Dalai Lama.
Bother / Ok, here's what happened.
« Last post by Chaz on September 01, 2020, 03:42:41 PM »
For those former members, returning to the warm embrace of Free Sangha, here's what happened.

Anyone who's been on FS for a while will recall that our old server was spotty in it's performance.  Sometimes it would work great and other times, well, not so much.  These were due to issues that, sadly, were beyond our control.

A couple weeks ago the server tanked on us, making the website impossible to access.  Wonky and I discussed the issues and decide the best course to take was to create a new web sites and import the old database, including your accounts, and legacy data containing threads and so on.  Well, that import wasn't going so good, so rather than fight with it, and in light of the amount of traffic we've had, we decided to reopen the site with a fresh, clean database.

So, here we are.

While the site is functional, there are a few wrinkles to iron out, mainly in the area of spam.

A new TOS is being prepared and will be posted soon.

Mad Props to Wonky Badger for stepping up to help with the transition.

Welcome back!
Stuff / Code of Conduct
« Last post by Chaz on September 01, 2020, 12:34:12 AM »
Code of Conduct, Rules of the Road, etc.

1.)  These rules are interpreted by the mod/admin team.  If there is any uncertainty contact them.

2.) If there are any issues with interpreting the rules, please refer to Rule 1

3.) Keep It Civil

4.) Keep it Clean

5.) Do not badmouth other traditions, teachers, other forums, moderators, admins or anyone else.

7.)  No meta discussion

8.) No questions of a medical nature. No medical advice/referrals

10.)  Do not post private communication from another person without their permission

11.)  We do not care about Dorje Shugden

12.)  Try to not proselytize

13.) Do we really need to post a rule about trolling?

14.) Don't post any For Sale items.  The same applies for free offers.

15.) This really isn't a place for politics, either

16.) Do not make posts that endorse or promote racism, homophobia, transphobia and misogyny

16.) It is not ok to call someone a Nazi.

17.)  All topics are welcome, but controversial topics including Doje Shugden, abuse scandals, the 2 Karmapas, diet, and so on will be monitored closely and closed/deleted if necessary.

18.)  We advise that not all terminology is universally acceptable.  For example, the term H-Word.  Find another word.
Stuff / Welcome Back!
« Last post by Chaz on September 01, 2020, 12:33:06 AM »
If you're a new member who was a member of the old FreeSangha, welcome!  We're glad you're back.

Things are pretty much the same, but the old s=data including your account didn't make the move.

It's our hope that the new site will be better than the old one.

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