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« on: March 11, 2021, 12:20:04 AM »
I was reading a thread on another forum about obstacles.  While reading this occurred to me:  Obstacles on the Path, are those things we cling to.

We cling to things - thoughts, emotion, etc - because we don't want something to change.  In doing this we ake something immaterial and dynamic, fixed, static, unmoving, and as long as we cling we are as unmoving as the thing we cling to.  We go nowhere.  So our clinging and that which cling to become an obstacle.  The way to get past this is to not cling.   

Some think that clinging is something that can be completely eliminated.  I think that's true, but only to a point.  In our experience, clinging is episodic.  We see that we are clinging, we let go, and move on, but this is not the end.  Sooner or latter we cling to something else we have to let go of.  This goes on ad nauseum.  I suppose there comes a point where there is no more clinging, but that attainment is so far down the road as to be pointless to worry about.  It's just another obstacle to overcome.  All we can really do is practice - let go of the things we cling to, until theres nothing left to cling to.